The Handle with Care: Basic Infant Care curriculum is designed for Day Care providers, Nannies/Au-Pair, Babysitters, or any individual who will be working with infants or toddlers in a care capacity.

The curriculum teaches the basic information on care giving, and the skills needed to provide that care. The course is comprised of 15 lessons organized within three units.

Pre- and post-summative assessments as well as unit assessments help gauge participant understanding of the information covered.

The information provided focuses on those who work with very young children, from birth through toddler age. It covers a wide range of topics related to infant care, and incorporates the use of active learning methodologies along with the Reality Learning (Baby) infant simulator for demonstration and practice of techniques.

This powerful approach provides a learning experience that will equip all participants with the knowledge and skills to confidently care for young infants and toddlers.

The curriculum culminates with an extended care simulation experience with Baby. Through the care simulation experience participants will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become responsible caregivers.

Baby is a technologically-advanced infant simulator that gives participants an opportunity to actively experience the responsibilities of care giving.

This authentic task allows the participant to temporarily experience the amount of care an infant requires.

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