Reality Learning SA is an accredited partner of Clarity4D.

Clarity4D believes that COLOUR personality profiling should be for everyone.

If we liken our lives to a journey, it is wise to establish where you are starting from and where you intend to go. Some people may amble through life without any sense of direction or purpose, and others may wish to challenge themselves on the way by metaphorically climbing mountains. The behavioral model which is offered by Clarity4D is a pathway to establish the most effective route ‘up the mountain’ in order to bring ‘clarity’ and ‘purpose’ to our goal – to reach the heights of self-understanding.

The Clarity4D profile is a snap shot of you at “base camp”. It provides an opportunity to discuss the options you have in terms of your behaviours – those you have now, those you wish to develop, and others you may wish to minimize or discard. The colour energies, which are outlined below, offer an easy language to describe how we interact and modify our behaviours when confronted by different types of people and varying situations.


The Clarity4D profile can be used for a number of applications from personal and career development, personal relationships, team dynamics, Leadership style, sales techniques and can also be used as a coaching tool.

Effective at getting results. Clarity4D profiles provide a personal development process which creates positive results in personal and professional relationships.

Clarity 4D is a great introduction to profiling for teams, individuals and couples who are new to it. It can be used in education with the youth, as well as for charities. Contact us for more information about how Clarity4D personality profiling can work for the purpose you need it to.

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