She Representative

Apply Safety, Health and Environmental Protection Procedures

Unit Standard: 13223       NQF Level: 3        Credits: 6     Duration: 2 Days


The Health & Safety Representative course incorporates theoretical, practical and reflexive learning. It ensures that the learner is exposed to the true requirements and function of the Health & Safety Representatives in the working environment. The Health & Safety Representative appointment is a legal requirement under Section 17 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and is compulsory for every organization.

Course Objectives

  • Provide the appointed Health & Safety Representatives with an outline of the OHS Act
  • Provide Health & Safety Representatives with an understanding of their role
  • Knowing what the act says about the duties and responsibilities of employers and their employees and what it requires of them
  • Enable Health & Safety Representatives to identify what their duties and responsibilities are and how they should carry them out

Pre-Requisites ( Seta Accreditation)

It is desirable for learners wishing to achieve this unit standard to be competent at:

  • Read, write, & understand English
  • Communication at ABET Level 3
  • Mathematics at ABET Level 3

 Course Outcomes

  • Explain and discuss statutory rights, responsibilities and liability regarding safety
  • Explain and discuss safety, health and environmental objectives, standards and regulations
  • Perform safety and environmental inspections in work area
  • Identify unsafe conditions and take corrective action
  • Report on safety conditions in work area

Course Content

Module 1

  • The need for Safety, Health and Environmental Protection
  • Statutory rights, responsibilities and liability in the workplace
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act 85, 1993
  • Responsibilities
  • Liabilities
  • Other Legal requirements
  • Health and Safety Representatives

Module 2

  • Health and Safety
  • Standards
  • Regulations
  • Environmental Protection Legislation

Module 3

  • Workplace Safety and Environmental Inspection

Module 4

  • Unsafe conditions
  • Hazards and Risks
  • Unsafe acts and conditions
  • Control measures

Module 5

  • Safety Conditions
  • Reporting on hazards and unsafe conditions
  • Health and Safety meetings
  • Powers of Health and Safety Committees

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