First Aid Level 1

Perform Basic Life Support and First Aid Procedures (First Aid Level 1)

Unit Standard: 119567        NQF Level: 1     Credits: 5    Duration: 2 Days

Target Audience

Not limited to:  Employees, Supervisors, Managers, Retail, Tour Guides, Construction, Manufacturing and Drivers


This unit standard is for persons required to assess the emergency situation and providing basic Life Support and basic First Aid in order to stabilise patients prior to transfer to the emergency services.

Pre-Requisites – SETA Accreditation

It is desirable for learners wishing to achieve this unit standard to be competent at:

  • Communication at ABET level 3
  • Mathematical Literacy at ABET level 3

Course Outcomes

Upon completion of course, participants should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of emergency scene
  • Demonstrate an understanding of elementary anatomy and
  • Assess an emergency
  • Apply First Aid procedures to the life-threatening
  • Treat common

Course Content

 Module 1

Emergency Scene Management

The principles of emergency care Workplace safety

Emergency Scene Management Primary and Secondary surveys

Module 2

Elementary Anatomy and Physiology

Cardiovascular System Digestive System Endocrine System Excretory System Immune System

Integumentary System (The Skin) Muscular System

Nervous System Reproductive System Respiratory System Skeletal System

Module 3

Asses an Emergency Situation and Treat Common Injuries

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Artificial Respirations Airway obstructions (Choking)

Shock, unconsciousness and fainting Wounds & Bleeding

Burns & Electrical injuries Fractures

Sprains and strains Head and spinal injuries

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